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How long will you have to wait for Surgery? Print

timeIf you are an NHS patient and live in or around East Yorkshire, once you have been referred by your GP you will get an appointment to see a bariatric surgeon and you will normally be referred to a dietician. At your first appointment with the surgeon he will usually explain the various surgical procedures, the pros and cons of surgery and answer any questions you may have. It is a good idea, to write down any questions you may have before attending that first appointment so you don't leave without getting all the answers you want (Better still, take someone with you as it is often difficult to remember everything that is said).

You will then, most likely, be asked to return a few weeks later after having have had time to consider what is involved and talked it over with your significant other. You may also been seen by the dietician in the interim period. On your next appointment, after listening to your views and concerns, if considered a suitable candidate for surgery, the surgeon will decide which procedure is most likely to be best for you and if you are happy to proceed, you will be put on his waiting list and you will receive written confirmation a few weeks later.

Waiting time, from the date of your letter will normally be 26 weeks, but currently, you can expect to wait between 4 to 6 months. If not already done so, you will have to see a dietition, as this is a requirement of getting Funding for NHS surgery.  You will also be advised to attend a patient's support group, to hear, first hand, what obesity weight loss surgery is all about, from those who have already had it. Again, this is a condition of getting your surgery.

By registering on the Owlss website, you have already made an important first step and we look forward to welcoming you at one of our regular group meetings.

Whilst you may have been put on a particular surgeon's waiting list, there is no guarantee at this stage, that the surgery will go ahead.  If you are an NHS patient, it will depend on many things. For example, If you meet the NICE guidelines? Even then, you will need to secure funding for the operation, through your local Primary Care Trust (PCT).  This is not something you can influence. If you do not meet the NICE guidelines, the surgeon may be willing to make a case to the PCT for why you would benefit from obesity weight loss surgery.  A panel will then make a decision and though your GP (or surgeon) you will be advised of their decision.

Assuming the outcome is in your favour, your surgery will normally be carried out at Hull Royal Infirmary, Castle Hill, Hospital  or the private Spire hospital at Anlaby (as an NHS patient). About 3-4 weeks before you go into hospital, you will be advised of your surgery date by the relevant hospital and asked attend a pre-op medical screening where various tests are carried out to ensure you are fit enough to undergo surgery. You will also be advised when to start the pre-op 'soup and jelly' diet.

If funding is not approved, don't panic! You can always appeal and we will support you all the way.  For info on appealing against a decision not to fund you, please see 'Being turned down for funding'